Monday, 14 March 2016

My Critter's Taxes

 Heres my critter the SlidingDM's Critter.

SlidingDm's burrows down into the coral cliff when it is disturbed, Name and describe any adaptive advantage to the SlidingD'ms burrowing when disturbed and identify the environmental cue causing the response.


  1. Environmental Cue: touch
    Orientation: negative thigmotaxis
    Adaptive Advantage: This response might be adaptive to avoid predation.. which helps it survive. :)

  2. Hi Tevita - what disturbs your SlidingDm! I think Rita is pretty correct, but I'm looking forward to your answer too.

  3. Hmmm, I think that "burowing down" might have something to do with gravity. I think the stimulus might be aversion to being touched so that is negatively thigmotaxis. What do you think about that Tevita?

  4. Hi Tevita. Thanks for having me in your class today, I learned lots about phototropism and auxin, I'm looking forward to seeing the animation that your group created to demonstrate what you all learned today. Keep blogging about what you learn, and have an awesome level 3 year.